5 Powerful Tips For A Healthy, Low-Calorie Breakfast


One of the worst ways to avoid calories is to skip breakfast. Instead, you should include foods that give you energy and fill you up.

Do you eat breakfast every morning? But do you eat a healthy breakfast? Even though we all know that this meal is necessary, we do not always eat the right foods on this occasion. Here are some tips for a healthy breakfast!

We know that some eat breakfast only when the morning is well underway and others never eat breakfast. Either of these two solutions is really dangerous, so follow these tips.

1. Eat whole fruit, not juice for a healthy breakfast

Fruits contain a type of sugar called fructose that you get when you eat them. The problem is that when you make juices, you lose fiber and some antioxidants, and then only consume fructose. This, therefore, increases your risk of developing diabetes.

  • One of the tips for a healthy breakfast is to eat a whole fruit every morning. This gives you energy, allows you to be full thanks to the fibers and provides you with nutrients. On the other hand, it is desirable that the fruits are seasonal, fresh and organic farming.
  • You can mix them with a little yogurt if you are diabetic to avoid glucose spikes. Another good option is that of frozen fruit.

In the latter case, you can use an ice cream mold and freeze pieces of banana or red fruit with yogurt. You will have the impression of eating candy!

2. Include a serving of fresh vegetables daily for a healthy breakfast

Another tip for a healthy breakfast is to eat different types of vegetables each day. We understand that one of the biggest challenges you face is accepting to eat healthily. In fact, most people prefer a good piece of cake rather than a serving of vegetables.

However, the secret lies inhabit. Learn to consider vegetables as your allies and cook them in different ways: roasted, stir-fried, in smoothies, with eggs, etc.

Try to taste vegetables that you don’t eat regularly. It may sound strange at first, but over time you will get used to it. You will even miss them the day you do not eat them.

3. Reduce the risk of your body quickly feeling hungry by eating whole grains as part of a healthy breakfast

The third tip for a healthy breakfast is to always have whole grains on hand and include them in your breakfast. These foods are fairly inexpensive if purchased in bulk, and they are high in fiber. They improve intestinal transit and accelerate fat burning.

In case you are one of those people who can’t do without bread for breakfast, go for wholegrain bread. If you like foods with a creamy twist, add oatmeal or quinoa to your menu.

The only thing to watch out for is the portions. Remember that these foods can cause spikes in glucose if you eat too much.

4. Prepare your breakfast in advance so as not to skip it

The next tip for a healthy breakfast has more to do with your determination to eat the first meal of the day than with the type of food you eat. Many people who skip this meal often argue that they are running out of time.

If this is your case, avoid pretexts and prepare your breakfast the night before. This way you just have to reheat it and eat it or take what you have prepared with you.

If your schedules are very busy, prepare meals for the whole week during your day off.

5. Add a touch of creaminess with plain yogurt to your healthy breakfast

Plain yogurt, whether Greek or normal, is one of the tips for a healthy breakfast that few people enjoy. When purchasing, check the label to make sure you choose the one with the least amount of sugar and fat.

This food is recommended for getting the amount of calcium your bones need. The best choice is Greek yogurt because it provides twice as much protein as standard yogurt and improves gut health. If you don’t like the taste of plain yogurt, add a serving of fruit, honey or cinnamon.

So, you won’t get tired of eating yogurt every day, like the way you eat it will vary. Some days, add it to your milkshakes, mix it with different foods or seeds.

What do you say about these healthy options? As you can see, eating healthy and avoiding excess calories is possible without much effort. Tell us what other tricks you know that have worked for you!


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