7 Infallible At-Home Exercises For Bigger Glutes In Just 30 Days


This routine will make you have bigger glutes in 30 days without leaving the comfort of your home.

Some ladies were born with naturally big butts while others didn’t have perky butts until a little later in their lives, but that doesn’t mean anyone can’t have it if they wish to.

With the right exercises routines and dedication to the struggle, you will grow the perfect glutes of your dreams in a very short time.

We have curated here for you a 7 glutes activation exercise workout routines with which you will build that perfectly perky butt of your dreams even while you do not even have to leave your house.


Your legs must always be balanced and firm on the ground when you are going down and your body should not go down beyond your knees, you will get the feeling that your buttocks are carrying your weight.

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Squats with back kicks

Do the squat and after that, bring one of your legs back. You do not have to do it fast, do it slowly and feel the work.

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Squats with jump

Jump, stand and squat, do not drop your body into the squat position directly as you could hurt yourself and you would not accomplish any real work.

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Sumo Squats

Place your legs on the sides as wide as possible.

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Lie on a yoga mat, place your legs and knees bent squarely and raise only the region of your pelvis.

Your hands should be stretched on the sides aligning with your body so that you balance the weight on the hands and not on the neck.

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Bridge with alternating leg lifts

For this exercise, you should do the same as in the bridge exercise with the only difference being that one of your legs will be raised to the height of your knee.

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Rear Lunge

While standing, extend one of your legs forward and the other to the back, bend them in such a way that you get the balance to go down some more and go back up, switching the leg that you had back to the front and vice versa.

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Most Effective 30 Day Bigger Glutes Home Workout Challenge

Day 1: 30 squats

Day 2: 30 squats with back kicks

Day 3: 35 squats + 35 squats with back kicks

Day 4: Break

Day 5: 40 squats + 15 squats with jumps

Remember to rest at least 30 seconds between each exercise.

Day 6: 30 squats with back kick + 20 squats with jumps

Day 7: Rest

Day 8: 55  squats + 50 bridges

Day 9: 60 sumo squats + 60 bridges

Day 10: 70 sumo squats + 20 squats with jumps

If you need to add intensity, try some dumbbells or weights …

Day 11: Break

Day 12: 80 squats + 50 bridges

Day 13: 110 sumo squats + 60 bridges

Day 14: 110 sumo squats + 60 bridges with alternating leg lifts

Day 15: Break

Day 16: 50 rear lunges + 30 squats with jumps

Day 17: 60 rear lunges + 50 squats with back kicks

Day 18: 120 squats + 20 bridges

Day 19: Break

Day 20: 130 sumo squats + 40 squats with jumps

Day 21: 70 rear lunges

Day 22: 80 rear lunges + 35 squats with jumps

Day 23: Break

Day 24: 150 squats + 80 bridges

Day 25: 160 sumo squats

Day 26: 100 rear lunges + 45 squats with jumps

Day 27: Rest

Day 28: 170 squats + 80 bridges with alternating leg lifts

Day 29: 180 sumo squats + 50 squats with jumps

Day 30: 100 rear lunges + 100 bridges


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