The Key Role AI & Big Data Plays In Preventing Future Pandemics

There’s likely not one individual in this world right now that is ignorant of the furious pandemic called the (COVID-19). In under four months, it killed around 183,000 humans worldwide.

People are frantic with the government and authorities, and they are also furious with the World Health Organization for providing no cures or vaccine. You can say they are both right. Much more could’ve been done about this pandemic.

To back up this claim, we have to point that a Canadian startup called BlueDot, wich is a SaaS company was able to figure out the danger of COVID-19 in December 2019.

In February 2020, when the infection was wreaking havoc in many places around the world, WHO said that COVID-19 could turn into a pandemic. Yet, they actually didn’t know the severity of the virus.

BlueDot utilizes an Artificial Intelligence program that is designed to breakdown Big Data and alert about a potential outbreak.

Prior to New Year’s Eve, the program recognized Wuhan as a possible danger. However, nobody from the authorities took this information seriously.

How Did Artificial Intelligence Help with the Coronavirus Spreading?

After the pandemic has formally become an aspect of our lives, everybody began to do what they can to find solution, vaccine or cure to the virus. Many people will ask how it is possible for computers to help us achieve this.
Just continue reading this article and you see what has been done as such far.

Collating Data

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The Chinese, who were on the bleeding edge since the start, needed to explore different avenues regarding everything. Be that as it may, their administration’s “enthusiasm” for social control has been going solid for quite a while, so they were prepared to run a test on everyone in their country of 1.4 billion people.

They were able to introduce a wide range of Artificial Intelligence programs throughout the nation very rapidly. Bus and train stations, air terminals, markets, wherever where individuals stroll in enormous gatherings consistently.

The AI software monitoring body temperature through scanners effectively-recognized suspicious cases. In a short time, information was gathered and processed effortlessly despite the fact that the nation has a greater number of people than North America and Europe together.

Drone Control

At the point when the Chinese authorities understood that Wuhan must be closed down, they conceptualized about how to supply the fundamental needs to their residents. Somebody clearly talked about drones, which ended up being a great idea.

They utilized drones for three primary objectives, cleansing, conveyance, and transportation of samples. Drones helped the workers remain safe and stay away from conceivably contaminated individuals.

They additionally used rapid transportation of swab tests from one location to the next, empowering considerably speedier response and control of the spreading.

Vaccine Development

There are in excess of 40 companies from all angles of the world dealing with vaccine advancement right now. A couple of them have even started testing on humans.

At this point, it’s critical to develop a working vaccine that has next to zero side effects.

Researchers are working nonstop, however, regardless of how quick they’re working, new data from different labs and different researchers are coming in, giving more knowledge into the virus.

Artificial intelligence is used to analyze all the information about the virus from the earliest starting point to the present in not more than seconds.

Scientists must be well informed and utilize AI programs to solve the riddle before concluding the process.

Monitoring and Alerting on Possible Outbreaks

Anytime you board plane now, a thermal camera would scan you to check whether you’re ill. This will be done without you even knowing, the scanners which are powered by AI software have absolute control over the situation.

That is something that should’ve been done from the very beginning when the patient zero showed up in the States.

Presently, with very nearly 200,000 deaths, it’s past the point where it is possible to discuss what could possibly have been done. We can just presume this must be a common practice later on.

The first few cases of “pneumonia of strange cause” were reported for in China in early December.

It’s reasonable that health experts in the States and different parts of the world can’t keep an eye on what occurs in each emergency clinic around the globe, yet something different can an AI program like the one that BlueDot made.

We currently live in the technology, and data is accessible online right away. The first case announced in the States was on January 22.

One day prior, the Chinese researchers previously had a paper regarding the matter.

A machine that tracks these progressions around the globe can help save thousands, if not millions of lives.

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We don’t have the foggiest idea what the next will be, so it’s smarter to be fully prepared and at alert.

Discovering Fast Solutions and Prevention Before It’s Too Late

It cannot be overemphasized that the world must learn something from this pandemic, one of which is the significance of identifying dangers and responding rapidly.

Just imagine how the result would be totally different if the scientists and authorities had perceived the reality of the circumstance in mid-December a year ago and shut down Wuhan so the infection couldn’t spread.

The world economy will lose in excess of a trillion US dollars over this, and also the lives of individuals who can’t be brought back.

The government and authorities must now be very proactive and forestall future emergencies. In this manner, they have to utilize the technology that has demonstrated itself to be very beneficial in dealing with the Covid.

As we said earlier, AI software is fit for filtering and collating data on big gatherings of individuals in a single spot simultaneously. One suspicious case will put everybody close by in isolation.

Likewise, having access to big data and analyzing petabytes of data consistently will without a doubt be helpful.

The moment the framework detects a possible danger, the alert will be raised, and significant outbreaks will be forestalled before the circumstance becomes fatal.

WHO-Managed Apps Will Play a Significant Role

Covid applications used to detect individuals who have the infection exist in many countries of the world today.

There’s a ton of conversation about their security, however. These worries are justified, just take a look at the bigger picture for a second.

What is it that you will offer just to know who around you is a carrier of the virus and who isn’t? Nearly everything, correct?

The World Health Organization must assume control over issues and request from governments to make these applications obligatory in light of the fact that, toward the day’s end, it’s more essential to forestall the spreading of a lethal infection than to consider offending people.

Indeed, this may seem like invading people’s privacy, however we’re confronting many significant issues here.

The planet’s temperature is increasing, which makes it ideal for infections to mutate, and nobody can foresee when the following outbreak will occur.

Consider the possibility that the next virus is airborne and causes a similar number of fatalities like this one. We’re talking about humanity’s survival here.

Since we live in a computerized age, and nearly everybody around us has a cell phone, it is anything but difficult to make an application that would be associated with other applications to share data.

In the event that we can all practice social distancing right now to abstain from getting infected with the virus, why not up the ante and make things simpler. WHO might be responsible for ensuring that individuals’ privileges are secured.

Medical services Need a Technological Makeover

Many nations on the planet actually have similar working conditions that were viewed as typical somewhere in the range of 50 years before now.

For instance, 1.3 billion individuals live in India, and over 65% of them live in rural zones. They lack essential medical services, and discussing modern technology is like sci-fi. We’re discussing 850 million individuals.

The advanced world and nations claiming to have the best ultra-modern technology and hi-tech hospitals likewise experienced a huge number of deaths.

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Italy and Spain both have some of the most death cases in Europe since they didn’t pay attention to issues and instead, went for conventional measures, feeling this is only seasonal influenza.

The result was a total catastrophe. The Covid hit the healthcare system in Europe like a tidal wave.

The healthcare system crashed, and people were literally sick and dying on in hospital hallways, lawns, and car parks.

Redefining the manner in which health workers operate is fundamental. New ways to deal with issues in medical services are required.

The COVID and the medical services industry issues are the evidence we have to reshape this section of society. Governments must invest more in modernizing medical care.

Advanced technological infrastructure must be put in place, to help health workers work better and more efficiently.

It’s not only AI that could be helpful to medical services. There have been numerous innovative forward leaps in the most recent decade that it would be a disgrace not to utilize them immediately.

We’re discussing drones and autonomous vehicles that can move test samples and patients. We’re discussing telehealth and treating patients remotely.

5G, virtual reality, and augmented reality can make this possible. Applications that control how a potential threat is moving and spreading the infection, and obviously, what we’re essentially discussing here, consolidating AI and Big Data to ensure we’re all protected.


When we are finally able to flatten the curve, and everything goes back to normal once more, scientists and authorities will no doubt begin analyzing and understanding exactly what happened globally. They have to understand that we should be ready for the next big situation.

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