Top 10 iPhone Tips You Definitely Never Knew

You have an iPhone. Don’t you?. And we bet that, like your brain, you are only using a tiny part of its functions. Thanks to this post today you will be able to learn some little tips and tricks to tame the beast a little more, impress your friends, shake your phone without looking silly and recharge your battery faster.

1. Delete the last digit on the calculator with a finger (instead of erasing everything)

When we mess on the calculator, we press C reflexively and we start all over again. But if you get a wrong number, you just need to swipe it with your finger to the right or left. This will delete the last digit entered.

2. Stop the music with a stopwatch

If you like listening to music to fall asleep but don’t want to leave it running for too long, you can program it all. You just need to go to Clock> Timer> Ringtone and choose the last option Stop reading.

3. Shake your iPhone, SHAKE IT

This will allow you to erase any text you just typed. And if you regret, shake it again, the text will come back. It’s quick, smart, and you don’t seem like a dumb jerk about shaking your phone like that.

4. Slide your finger to select multiple photos at the same time

Marking all the photos you want to share one by one is long and boring. Instead, you can keep your finger on the first photo you want to select and drag it to the last one in the group of photos you want to send. Simple and efficient.

5. Choose a personalized vibration for each contact

You can set yourself what type of vibration you want for some of your loved ones. For that, you have to go to Settings> Sounds and vibration> Create a vibration , then you just have to tap the screen by making the rhythm of your choice then validate. After that, you have to go to the contacts, choose the one you want and assign it the personalized vibration that you have created. Now when the person in question contacts you, you’ll know it’s them without having to look at the screen.

6. Add the widget to check the autonomy of your bluetooth headset

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The widget is, by default, inactive. To put it in the list of active widgets, you have to swipe the home screen to the right, then go to the bottom and press Edit. There you see the whole list of widgets. All you have to do is press the green “+” next to Batteries. Now that it’s done, you can see how much battery is left on your Bluetooth devices.

7. Pass your WiFi password easily to your friends

Nobody wants to copy an old password like “F566-CE58-DE87-P9A9-M52N-LV”, so instead, you can easily send it to your friends who have an iPhone. To do this, go to Wi-Fi settings, select your network then Share password. The password will automatically register in your friend’s phone.

8. Register a second Face ID so that the iPhone recognizes you even with your mask

Now that we all have to wear masks, we realize that the facial recognition of our iPhone snubs us a bit. To fix this, go to Settings> Face ID & Passcode> Set up a second appearance . Now put on your mask and register your second Face ID for the phone to recognize you as well with or without the mask.

9. Charge your iPhone better when you sleep

Activate smart charging, which does not reach 100% until you wake up to avoid damaging the battery. Here is the procedure: Settings> Battery> Battery status> Optimized battery charging . Well done, your iPhone will last longer.

10. Silence unknown calls

If you never answer unknown calls and tell yourself they’ll leave a message for you if it’s important, this is THE thing to do. This function will hide the unknown calls in progress and only show you their trace in the call history. If you have been left with a voicemail message, you will of course receive it normally. To activate this option, go to Settings> Phone and activate Silent stranger calls .

So, we taught you something, didn’t we? At least one? We knew it.

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