Why Your Business Needs Artificial Intelligence for Email Marketing in 2020

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly and exponentially growing and turning into a reality as it is penetrating literally all angles of the digital realm. Google Assistant, Siri, Snapchat filters, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, just to mention a few of the ever-growing list of Artificial Intelligence applications.

Email Marketing is no exemption to this pattern as it keeps on reclassifying the procedures on an end to end premise.

Email Marketers will tell you that is very challenging to switch between multiple repetitive tasks like identifying engagement levels of various contacts & Personalizing the copies of each and every one of them.

Predictive modeling, Testing and many different parts of their job nature will in general slow down the turnaround time.

This was the main purpose for businesses putting email campaigns on the secondary level notwithstanding the fact that automating email marketing acquires 320% more income.

Artificial Intelligence-based email marketing automation can drive even more results and value to the efforts.

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Artificial Intelligence can assist advertisers and marketers by focusing better on the key parts of their work.

They can use AI for streamlining email marketing campaigns and dedicate more of their time and assets smartly. View this infographic to understand exactly how Artificial Intelligence is disrupting email marketing:

The AI Revolution in email marketing
Source: The AI Revolution in email marketing

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